Client: Grow Progress

Case Study: SeaChange

SeaChange Logo

Mission Briefing

Over the last decade, Grow Progress has carved out a significant niche within the nonprofit and Democratic sectors, establishing itself as a trusted partner for testing creative assets before their market launch. They help clients win by measuring influence and potential backlash to messaging prior to going to market.

Recognizing the potential for growth and aiming to diversify its client base, Grow Progress embarked on a strategic initiative to capture the corporate market. This initiative led to the creation of SeaChange, a new commercial-focused brand, introduced through an audience-specific, brochure-style website.


  • Updated Logo
  • Brand Expansion
  • Website Buildout in WebFlow
  • Custom Graphics
  • Messaging and Positioning Support

Audience Profile

The primary targets for the SeaChange website are:

  • Corporate Marketing Leaders: Decision-makers seeking innovative solutions to enhance their marketing strategies.
  • Brand Managers: Professionals focused on maintaining and elevating brand integrity through impactful creative assets.
  • Agencies: Creative teams looking for data-driven insights to optimize their clients’ creative endeavors.

Orbital Analysis

In collaboration with Cat Allen, the Marketing Team Lead at Grow Progress, a simple site plan was developed. This plan was tailored to align with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that Grow Progress had identified for SeaChange. The focus was on creating a clean, polished brochure-style site that effectively communicates the value proposition and unique differentiators aimed at the newly-identified corporate audience. To engage visitors, subtle animations and visually appealing elements were interspersed throughout the site, ensuring a captivating user experience.

Early on, we were exploring the idea of animating the logo to reinforce the idea of multi-variate testing as part of the randomized control trial approach that underpins SeaChange’s methodology:

After playing around with this a bit, it was a little too distracting so we went with a more subtle approach of animating the background of the header instead to give the sense of sea swells rolling through the deep ocean.

Future Trajectories

The launch of the SeaChange site was strategically timed to coincide with the brand’s soft launch at the South by Southwest (SxSW) conference. This timing allowed the CEO of Grow Progress to leverage the event for lead generation among the conference’s attendees. Currently, the site is in its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase, with plans for ongoing enhancements. Future updates include the addition of a product showcase, an expanded resources section, and an explainer video to provide a more comprehensive understanding of SeaChange’s offerings.