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Topic of the Month – April

“What tools are you using that have little to no cost? What does and doesn’t work?”

Emily Barton
Michigan State University Libraries

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  1. Nick said on April 4, 2006:

    This past February, American University Library showed its appreciation to students by handing out treats on Valentine’s Day.  Treats included candy (individuals pieces = very inexpensive) and large vinyl stickers to promote the library’s new screen name, AskAULibrary, on AIM (again, very inexpensive).

    The student appreciation efforts on Valentine’s Day provided a nice welcome to students as the candy and stickers were distributed in the library’s lobby — which was even decorated with festive balloons and streamers.

  2. Mary Evangeliste said on April 6, 2006:

    Also last year at AU we did a valentine’s day event where we made these great little stickers that said “Library


    We got some great press from the student newspaper that was FREE. It was very fun event to put on and we had a raffle, where in order to enter, you had to write down one thing you loved about the library. Even though this is obviously not a formal assessment process it was really wonderful to hear what students liked best about what we had or were doing.

  3. Mary Evangeliste said on April 17, 2006:

    here is the article that covered the valentines event last year from the Eagle (American University’s student newspaper)

    Campus Briefs: Bender Library loves you

    Jeannette Kimmel

    Issue date: 2/17/05 Section: News

    Bender Library spread the love on Valentine’s Day by offering free candy and a chance to win $50 gift certificates to Best Buy.

    The library staff wanted to “get a chance to tell [the students] we appreciate them,” said Julie Darnell, library development coordinator.

    Staff said love in the library is not uncommon.

    “Lots of people meet in the stacks, hang out and talk,” said Mary Evangeliste, a reference and instruction librarian. “It’s an academic and also a social environment. … We’re spreading individual love to global love.”

    Some students said the event was a good idea.

    “I think it’s cool. Any chance to win something is always nice,” said Erin Kelley, a sophomore in the School of International Service who entered the contest.

    The staff originally planned to direct the contest at seniors, but “we couldn’t leave out the rest of the student body,” they said.

    “We originally wanted to let seniors know that they can still continue to use the library after they graduate,” Evangeliste said. “In most university libraries, this is not the case.”

    Graduated students can use their alumni card to check out books and use other reference material, though they do not have access to the online ALADIN databases.

    Six winner of the $50 gift certificates will be announced Feb. 21.


  4. Mary Evangeliste said on April 17, 2006:

    It seems to me that a lot of librarians express trepidation about granting interviews to student newspapers but in my experience I have had nothing but great experiences.

    This is another imporatnt FREE resource-getiing to kno wthe editors of your student newspaper.

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