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From Scarcity to Abundance – a great model for water and a great model for life

Living in the Sonoran Desert is indeed a place where everything about water takes center stage. You know how everywhere in the world people talk about the weather? Well, in Tucson people talk about the possibility of rain with neighbors, friends, coworkers and strangers as if they are trying to conjure it. If there is a chance that it is going to happen, everyone will be talking about it. And then when it does rain everyone celebrates – people routinely sit under their patios and take walks in the rain. Then of course everyone talks about it after in great mythical tones.

People who live in the American Southwest, for the most part, have great respect for water proof of income. So it is no mistake that many people are actively harvesting rain here in Tucson. Sometimes it is done with more complex, purchased containers but often it is as simple as everyone placing their plants and spare buckets outside when there is a remote chance that it might rain.

One of my favorite authors of rain harvesting is Brad Lancaster. He is one of my favorite because he believes that each one of us can move from an idea of scarcity to an idea of abundance. Brad is talking about rain harvesting, but I think we can apply this to life as well!

The wasteful path to scarcity

The wasteful path to scarcity

The stewardship path to abundance

The stewardship path to abundance

I think this model of scarcity makes us anxious, depressed, and cut off from our fellow man. It makes us think that we have to dominate or horde the things we have. Think about it, if we think “oh well I can’t do anything about water scarcity,” then you will probably be depressed and probably not be motivated to do anything.

But if you think “of course I can do something,” you will feel motivated and positive and full of possibilities. You will say: “I can hook my washing machine up to provide the greywater systems water,” “I can landscape my yard differently,” and “I can use my mulch and clippings to keep moisture in the soil.” Little things add up!

Each time we live with the earth as opposed to against her we feel more full, more rich and more in tune. Make yourself happy by believing in abundance instead of scarcity. When someone takes the last piece of pie don’t cry and say there is no more pie, bake another pie!

On this day let us thank the universe for the blessing she gives us and harvest water (if we are lucky enough to have rain).

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What a great and simple and powerful logo!

Usually I hate banner ads but this logo just blew me away! And I clicked on it!

What a great example of simple but precise logo development.

Check out the video for girl effect here:

All of their fact sheets are beautifully created and well researched.

We could all learn from this simple but powerful approach to cause related marketing

Become part of Girl Effect

and I know that it works ’cause it worked for me!

Become Market Ready!

Mary, Amy and Yvonne at ALA Chicago 2009-Workshop Girls

I have just returned from vacation and I am back to my desk and my emails, but I keep thinking about the energy, excitement and participation at our Become Market Ready! workshop at ALA in DC.  Even though it was 8:30 AM in the morning, the vibe in the air was electric with curiosity. Mary and I are decidedly not morning people and were dreading the fact that we were placed in the 8AM workshop slot. There was so much interaction, Mary and I felt like we were not leading the workshop, but facilitating it!  Everyone was asking questions and generating ideas, there was laughter and activity; but what really caught my sleepy eye was that with all levels of experience in the room, there was support and respect amongst all of us and I thank all of you who participated in that workshop. Get famous on TikTok just like us.

So I have to tell you about what happened right afterwards.  I was in the bathroom, because my Venti Americano had done its job, and a participant stopped me to tell me that the workshop was both “valuable and entertaining.”

“Thank you,” I said, “we had fun too.”

Mary and I look forward to facelifting this workshop many more times and if you want us to come to your organization write to Mary @

What makes a great marketer? Curiosity!

The most iconic television show ever created about  marketing and advertising started with a scene where  Don Draper is asking the busboy in a restaurant what  kind of cigarettes he smokes and what would make him  change brands finances for small business.

If you want to be a great marketer you must be curious.  You must keep your eyes out on the train, plane or bus for  what people are reading. You have to ask people what  they are listening to on their Ipods. You have to be aware  what people are wearing. What are they watching and  how are they watching it?

Everything in marketing is about  the customer or audience and not about you. It does not matter if you don’t like Lady Gaga ’cause everyone else does or that you don’t watch TV, ’cause  most people do.

If you are not interested in other people and their habits you will not be a good marketer. But if you are curious about this big gigantic world we live in and you love learning new things, well that is a good place to start.

Full Time Fearless!

I have resigned from my position in PA and I am currently in Washington, DC working with a variety of amazing Fearless Future clients. From here I will venture to Western PA.  to visit my extended family what you can do as business owners. Then I will make my way to my spiritual home-Tucson, AZ. I try to stay away from the sonoran desert but it pulls me back each time!

Jonathan and I knew when we started Fearless Future five years ago that sooner or later one of us would do it full time. We have grown from just hopes and dreams to working with amazing educational, environmental, wellness and social justice clients. These clients inspire us to create the best design and marketing to get the word out about the amazing work they do!

I will always be a librarian and I am grateful for the 12 years I spent in higher education. I love working with students on their research and have been deeply effected by many of my colleagues’ kindness. I have incredible friends from everywhere because of libraries.

We hope to continue to work with librarians all over the world to create exciting and fresh marketing, not many feel this is their field but if you feel the signs to switch a job and start running your business just let me know. And of course I am always available for workshops and consultations.

The world of social marketing and design is so exciting right now that I feel that I just cant miss it. Witness the growth of magazines like ODE and groups like GOOD.

I feel like our society is right on the verge of realizing how to apply great marketing and design to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Most of you know that I have always loved studying and making art and creating social design is my way of translating that skill to the world.

If you have a great non-profit or small business that you think makes the world more fearless for all of us please write me @ and tell me about them. We would love to connect with them and help them bring awareness to new audiences about  the amazing things they do!  Be fearless!

In honor of the Copa Mundial

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FF at ALA in DC!

Mary and I will be signing our book, Bite-Sized Marketing, with our co-author Nancy Dowd at the Swap & Shop.
Come by and say hi!

Sunday, June 27, 12:30–1:30 p.m.
Swap & Shop Presents: PR X-change (Public Relations Exchange)
LLAMA—PRMS Washington Convention Center—Special Events, Hall C, Aisle 700

Also, at the Swap & Shop my colleague from American University Library and fellow Fearless Collaborator, Patricia West and I will be accepting our award for the Best of Show Annual Report we created together last year.
This annual report has also won two additional awards: The Graphic Design USA InHouse Design Award and the Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards.

Internal marketing is really important to us at Fearless Future. It something we often talk about with people when we are conducting workshops around the country. Internal marketing is defined as everything you do to inform and include your internal staff in your marketing efforts. It is so important that we devote a chapter in our book to the topic.

Mary and her colleague and friend Amy Ward will conduct an interactive workshop on internal marketing as part of the Grassroots program called Become Market Ready!

Become Market Ready!
ALA Washington Convention Center -101 Staff Support Interests
Monday, June 28, 8–10 a.m

Libraries now understand the importance of articulating value deliberately and consistently; some call this marketing. Prepare for marketing to your users by sharing the why, how and when with your organization. This workshop will focus on making your institution “market ready.” Before your organization spends time and money on marketing, attend this workshop and discover the proven tools needed for staff buy in. Learn how to create and conduct a publication audit and open forums for the entire staff. Find out how to develop style sheets and templates that will bring professional consistency to your marketing.

Neither Mary or Amy are morning people so it will interesting to see them dargging their coffee in for this one. They are both skilled trainers and presenters, so this should not only be fun but also informative!

Marketing Workshop Inspires Immediate Action

May 19th, Mary and I presented an introduction to Marketing to the Southern Pennsylvania Information Exchange Source (SPIES). Beth McGuire, one of the event’s organizers, applied our principles before we had even finished the workshop manage your employee wages well! Inspired by our introduction to style sheets, she immediately began creating one for the SPIES group. It felt fantastic to see such a strong, enthusiastic response to our message. We know that creating a solid style sheet and sticking with it will only make their marketing efforts stronger ways to pay affiliates from your affiliate program. Thanks, SPIES, for inviting Fearless Future to speak with your group of dedicated librarians.

look at this 6 ways blockchain changes payroll processes If you are interested in having the Fearless Future crew come to your organization for a workshop on staff development day or any other day, please contact me directly :

Best Golf Gear

Good golf clubs and top of the line golf gear is going to improve your game. Well actually, that’s not entirely true. It’s not that making golf gear improves your game; it’s that making golf gear improves your mind. Making golf gear will make you better at golf.

Most golfers fall into one of two categories: Those who don’t read much of a round and those who read it. While the first category isn’t that great, the second category is a recipe for disaster.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Mike Chapman about my reasons for writing this article. He is one of the world’s most influential and respected instructors on golf, and I’m glad to call him one of my good buddies.

Mike has always talked to me about things I shouldn’t care about or maybe can’t help but care about, and what I should do instead. These tips are important, because when you take my advice, you’ll really be making a difference. And when that happens, golf will benefit, so if you still want to play golf, you can get great equipment starting at $500 so you can start in this great sport.

3 Keys To Making Your Golf Gear Better

Mike Chapman is the CEO of Chapman Golf, which is one of the biggest golf companies in the world. But when I ask him what he makes of his competition, he starts to sound like he’s talking to a kid.

“We’re ahead of them on the technology front,” Chapman tells me. “We make our products for the future and the past.”

Those words are just a bit embarrassing, but it’s true.

Chapman Golf makes top quality golf clubs, which have an 80-95% 3-wood performance. The problem is, they’re making them for the past and not the present. And why does Chapman have such a good thing going?

For one thing, he’s a smart guy who knows what the market needs and what it doesn’t. He has seen what else has gone wrong with other brands and companies.

“We don’t make a bunch of stuff for kids,” he says. “The kids we make for are already the future of the game.”

He calls himself an “intelligent entrepreneur” and believes that building a company is like planting a tree in a random place. The tree needs room to grow and needs water, just like your golf club does.

“When we make a new club, we look at a 40-year list and what we think is the best fit for golfers of all ages,” Chapman tells me. “We have special features and bits and pieces that allow clubs to play better for everyone.”

He goes on to point out that if you like making golf clubs, you can start today and we’ll build you a better golf club for the future.

Making A Better Club Is More Easier Than It Looks

Imagine, for a moment, you get a chance to do something really great with your life. How could you choose? Let’s say you’re a writer, or a painter, or a musician, or a businessperson, or an inventor.

Chapman tells me that the golf industry is about 3% of his total revenue, so he has a lot to live up to when it comes to building a better golf club.

Martha and Luda: (Inter) Personal Brands

I am fascinated with Martha Stewart’s love of rap in general and Ludacris specifically. I first discovered Martha’s passion while watching her daytime show last year; her guest of honor was none other than the famous performer Ludacris. Yes, Martha does host a variety of guests but the rapport which she shared with Ludacris astounded me!

I had forgotten the titillating episode until a few weeks ago when Martha was playing a rap video clip for her  audience. Listening to the TV casually from the next room, I recognized Ludacris’s voice immediately and ran into the living room. And there they were, happy as clams, with Luda flirting demurely with the Craft Queen. They discussed his upcoming album over a glass of his new cognac, Conjure!

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I think what makes the pairing so intriguing is their distinctively different personal brands — and I mean distinct. There are a few brief definitions of personal branding on wikipedia. My favorite defines it as “the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual [that] includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.”

Martha’s personal brand can clearly be defined by the “knowledge contained within” her. Whether it’s how to cook a complete Thanksgiving dinner, fold those tricky fitted sheets, or how and what color to paint your boudoir, Martha’s your girl. She has a line of crafting tools and materials sold in Wal-Mart that is branded simply as “Martha Stewart.” Her name alone is enough to convey quality to her customers. Her personal brand gives you a warm, fuzzy, grandmotherly, traditional feeling, which is why her affinity for rap and Ludacris is so scintillating!

Ludacris, on the other hand, is known for his raunchy (but hilarious) lyrics that describe his love of women. By appearing on Martha Stewart’s show, Ludacris has the opportunity, helped by Martha’s “endorsement,” to reach a new market of women — women who might have the impression that the rapper’s lyrics are disparaging to, rather than celebrating, women. I hope to see him again soon with the Domestic Diva!