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A social networking site I can get behind

Everyone in libraryland and beyond is talking about the power of Web 2.0. And why not, there is a lot to be excited about in the world of interactivity such as open tagging and reader reviews in library catalogs. But librarians having myspace and facebook profiles? I mean eek let the students have their own space.

Hey don’t get me wrong, if you happen to be a librarian and you also love these tools and you use them to talk to your friends then by all means bring your library-ness along for the ride. What I object to is trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. I guess what I am saying is don’t force it!

I think going onto myspace after a certain age (and I am definitely of that age) is kinda creepy. It reminds me of when I was a young alt-youth trading obscure music all around the country with friends. Everyone was sharing music through the mail and it was intimate and oh-so age specific, I mean back then you didn’t hear of band like the Flaming Lips until someone snuck them into a mix tape and then you were hooked. Then there were always these creepy older guys hanging around who wanted to be in the scene, they wanted to pay to take you to a show or something else enticing (especially when you are broke). It always felt forced and just, well, weird and if I were in my twenties and logging onto myspace every five mintues (which I am sure I would be doing) I would not be looking to talk with my librarian.

I think every generation should have there own space, and by the very definition of individuation, it should be theirs alone.

But, here is a social networking site I can get behind. Good Reads: check me out
What did nerdy people like me do before the internet? Trade books and tapes with friends through the mail, of course. So Goodreads is just a logical extension for all of us now scattered across the country. We look at each other’s stuff –like the other day I saw two friends, one in DC and one in Austin, reading the same book-hmmm! They don’t know each other so you can bet I am interested in this book now…

Speaking of Austin, if you are into music you should check out two documentaries that are sad, strange and beautiful:

Your gonna miss me : A film about Roky Erickson
The Devil and Daniel Johnson



Have you checked out yet?

If you’re late to the game as I am, let me clue you in… is a “social bookmarking” site, which basically means that you have an online repository for all your bookmarks, with the ability to see who else has the same site saved as you, and also to browse their entire bookmark catalog.

The benefit of this might not be immediately apparent, but this is a great source of inspiration. Say you have a weird page of avant-garde Russian constructivist propaganda posters bookmarked that you stumbled upon a year ago. You can instantly see that 62 other people have the same site bookmarked. Most likely than not, the people have this site bookmarked have some of the same interests as you, so take a minute and browse their bookmarks, you might discover something new and right up your alley.

Even if you don’t take advantage of the “social” aspect of, you’ll have a browser independent list of all of your important bookmarks.

Check out my if you want to try it out before you sign up. (It’s free to sign up by the way.)