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Bite-Sized Marketing

Bite-Sized Marketing

Mary and I have been working extremely hard on our new book with our good friend Nancy Dowd.

The book, Bite-Sized Marketing; solutuions for the overworked librarian, will be coming out this summer from ALA.
Keep an eye out for it!

Fearless, Coast to Coast

Yvonne Mery and I will be presenting on Friday April 4th in Irvine California at the California Association of Research Libraries. We will be presenting with a wonderful colleague from UC Irvine, Pauline Manaka. We are presenting a shortened version of “Can Libraries be sold as soap?” Our interactive workshop that focuses on social marketing campaigns and its transferability to libraries.

Jonathan will be presenting with other awesome colleagues, Alex Hodges and Patricia West, on Tuesday, April 8th at Computers in Libraries in Arlington, Virginia. Jonathan and company will be talking about the amazing work done marketing IM service at American University Library. Finally our wonderful friend and co-author Nancy Dowd of The “M” Word is also presenting at Computers in Libraries. Nancy will be talking about how to survive tech exhaustion and instead find the best uses Web 2.0 technology in libraries.