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Social Marketing & m.e.

Yvonne & I  are reading an excellent book on Social Marketing that has many great examples of successful campaigns. Run to the library to borrow it or to amazon to order it—Social Marketing : Influencing Behaviors for Good. We at Fearless Future are committed to making great social marketing and design that works for non profits but what if we are the target audience of a social marketing campaign—does it work on us—for sure!

I have a dirty secret! For many years I have been a secret smoker. Just one every now and then. But still this ad from Washington State Anti-Litter Campaign makes me think every time I think about lighting up in my car. It is a brilliant piece of social marketing. It is witty- Want to Litter ? Fine. It is specific—If you throw a cigarette butt out of your car in Washington State you could be fined 1,025 dollars.

It has made me change my behavior. Every time I think about smoking in my car, I wonder if there is a fine in Pennsylvania, the state where I currently reside. I wonder how much that fine is?  By the time I have thought through these things, well the knee jerk react to smoke has usually passed.