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You are infected with… HUMANS!!!

This video was pulled from Three Legged Legs via Drawn!. When I saw this I was struck by how, a campaign framed in this way, would be infinitely more effective than the advertising that PETA puts out, which is odd since Three Legged Legs isn’t trying to change the world, they are just showing off their amazing animation skills.

That’s the problem with non profits in general – they get so bogged-down with changing the world that their message gets lost because of their own self-importance. Shoving images of butchered lambs into the hands of people who are enjoying their morning Starbucks (à la PETA) is alienating the people they are trying to influence; however, a simple re-framing that connects to the audience would work wonders.

This video communicates the same core message just in a way that is much more accessible to everyone.

Striking a Chord

I found this post on We-Make-Money-Not-Art about La Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli (see video below) a French TV show from the early 70s. I love this concept of using a simple line to convey complex emotion/action.

Immediately upon seeing La Linea, I thought of a modern example of of this same technique… The new Hilton Hotel’s advertising campaign “Travel should take you places” (see video below).

I really love the simplicity of these.

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