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Music is my boyfriend.

There are are some interesting shakeups happening in the marketing world as of late…

Apple pulled an odd PR move this week. They spotted a fan created ad by a teenager on YouTube and decided to get their ad agency to collaborate with the creator.

Nick Haley, an 18 year old from England loved the iPod Touch so much that he created his own commercial and put it up on YouTube. The people from Apple saw it and liked it so much that they contacted him and decided to “buy” the rights to it. You can see Nick’s version on top, and the actual produced spot on the bottom.

via AdGoodness

original ad by Nick Haley

new ad by TBWA/Chiat/Day

Slightly older news, but interesting none-the-less. Radiohead decided to release their new album “In Rainbows” digitally and allow their buyer to decide how much they think the album is worth—An astonishingly groundbreaking move in an industry that guards its intellectual property like a cure for cancer.икони