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Digital Publishing

Here is a wonderfully insightful piece on how digital publishing is helping to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Print is dying.
Digital is surging.
Everyone is confused.

[via DaringFireball]

“Let’s hear it for the boy”


No I am not talking about the song from Footloose sound track but our very own Jonathan Silberman who was recently interviewed in the May/June edition of Print Magazine:America’s Graphic Design Magazine.

The article was written by CORY DOCTOROW who is an author and a blogger, most notably one the of the editors of Boing Boing, an award winning blog that started out as a zine.

The article titled Some Rights Reserved is all about the use of Creative Commons in the work of designers. Jonathan was interviewed because we licenced all of our marketing material under a creative commons license. This enables people to use our marketing plan and most importantly Jonathan’s designs as long as they give attribution to the creator. One of the best lines in the article is “as an author my biggest problem is not piracy it is obscurity”

This quote could also be said of libraries or as Oscar Wilde says “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” We should all be involved in this new emerging form of communication. It will enable us to learn and share with each other and truley create a “learning commons”

I want to give a shout out to Gwendolyn Reece, intellectual and librarian extraordinaire for introducing me to the idea of Creative Commons.

If you have interest in Creative Commons you should read Lawrence Lessig and Siva Vaidhyanthan

Topic of the Month – April

“What tools are you using that have little to no cost? What does and doesn’t work?”

Emily Barton
Michigan State University Libraries