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Mary in C&RL News!

C&RL News coverMake sure you read the July/August issue of College & Research Libraries News – Mary Evangeliste (1/2 or Fearless Future) wrote a terrific article about our experience winning the Best Practices in Marketing Academic & Research Libraries in 2005. Her article (attached below) summarizes our experience at ARCL as well as information about the 2007 Best Practices award.

Congratulations Mary; what an awesome article!

C&RL News

ALA Swap & Shop Recap

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us, the LAMA Swap & Shop was a huge success. I am posting the redesigns for those of you who couldn’t drop by or didn’t make it to New Orleans.

Here is some background on this project. Fearless Future was invited to do the academic brochure redesigns of the Swap & Shop PR Makeovers at ALA this year. In order to provide the selected libraries with the most flexibility in terms of production, we designed a brochure to be professionally printed as well as in-house produceable brochure (Black & White, Xeroxed).

Below I have posted the redesigns along with some framing so you can see the inspiration behind each brochure.

One of the brochures we chose to redesign was the Missouri Journalism Library. The Journalism Library is moving to a new building, and while they are waiting for a new building to be constructed, they are in very cramped quarters.

Missouri Journalism Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

Missouri Journalism Library in-house produced trifold brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

The other library that we choose was the Robert W. Woodruff Library. The Woodruff Library is the consortial library of four historically black colleges in Atlanta, GA.

Robert W. Woodruff Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library

Robert W. Woodruff Library in-house produced brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library
Missouri Journalism Library In-House PDF
Missouri Journalism Library Professionally Printed PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library In-House PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library Professionally Printed PDF

You are infected with… HUMANS!!!

This video was pulled from Three Legged Legs via Drawn!. When I saw this I was struck by how, a campaign framed in this way, would be infinitely more effective than the advertising that PETA puts out, which is odd since Three Legged Legs isn’t trying to change the world, they are just showing off their amazing animation skills.

That’s the problem with non profits in general – they get so bogged-down with changing the world that their message gets lost because of their own self-importance. Shoving images of butchered lambs into the hands of people who are enjoying their morning Starbucks (à la PETA) is alienating the people they are trying to influence; however, a simple re-framing that connects to the audience would work wonders.

This video communicates the same core message just in a way that is much more accessible to everyone.

What is happening at ALA in New Orleans ?

I am just starting to put my iternary together for ALA and this came across my computer today and seems interesting.

“PR Forum to focus on word-of-mouth-marketing.” American Library Association. 2006. m (Accessed 27 Apr, 2006)

here is the press release:

Marketing is Everyone’s Job @ your library®:
PR Forum to focus on word-of-mouth-marketing

(CHICAGO) “Word-of-mouth marketing” is the latest buzz word when it comes to promoting your library, but what does it really mean? Plan to attend the annual PR FORUM during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, and you will learn what it is, why it works and how you can use it to engage every staff member, trustee, Friend, faculty member and student in spreading your library’s message.

The PR FORUM will take place Sunday, June 25, 2006, from 8 to 10 a.m. in Morial Convention Center, Room 352.

The program is geared toward library public relations and marketing professionals but is open to any ALA member wishing to attend. This can’t-miss event will feature an expert panel offering tips and strategies for making the most out of your word-of-mouth efforts. It also will include an update on The Campaign for America’s Libraries and recognition of the Maricopa County (Ariz.) Library District, winner of the 2006 Scholastic Library Publishing National Library Week Grant.

The “word-of-mouth marketing” panelists include:

  • Peggy Barber and Linda Wallace, Principals, Library Communications Strategies, Inc.
  • Camila Alire, Dean, University Libraries, University of New Mexico; ACRL President
  • Donna Dziedzic, Executive Director, Naperville (Ill.) Public Library

The PR FORUM will be moderated by Kathleen Imhoff, Executive Director, Lexington (Ky.) Public Library and chair of the PR Assembly, which sponsors the PR FORUM. The PR Assembly is a subcommittee of the ALA Public Awareness Committee.

new orleans1.jpg

What is everyone else doing at ALA?