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Annual Report

AU Library Annual Report 06-07

AU Library Annual Report CoverI’m posting the Annual Report that I designed for American University Library mostly for inspiration’s sake, but also because I think it turned out great.

Last year the report centered around this theme of a botanical field guide. For this year’s report, the highlights were maps from the library’s special collections. Since maps were the central focus, the report was designed around the core idea of a “Captain’s Log.” This idea allowed the addition of personal elements such as handwriting and handmade graphs, these personal touches helped to dispel the austere image that annual reports tend to portray.

One of the primary goals when designing this annual report was that it be a tactile experience. The cover was embossed with a leather texture on the spine and the four corners, and the paper is milled to feel like cloth. The ultimate goal was that this annual report feel authentic, and I think we succeeded.

Below, I’ve attached a PDF so you can look through the whole thing.

American University Library Annual Report 2006-2007

Win a Free Marketing Makeover!!!

If you are going to be at the ALA Annual Conference in DC this year, Mary and I will have a booth at the Swap & Shop where we will be raffling off a chance to have Fearless Future redesign the marketing material of your choice (logo, brochure, business cards, etc.) for free!

Head on down to the Washington Convention Center Special Events Area, behind Aisle 600 on the exhibit floor between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 24 to enter.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Celebrity Road Trip

My name is Julie O’Keeffe, and I want to share a mini-campaign that we at Marqutte University executed this semester – the goal of this campaign was to increase awareness about our databases.
Below you will find some pictures and a breakdown of the campaign.

If you have any questions about this campaign, feel free to email me:



The goals of the two-semester campaign are to:

  1. raise awareness among the student population of the variety of article databases available to them
  2. educate students on the costs and benefits of using article databases and search engines such as Google
  3. collect data regarding student views of the databases for future promotion efforts
  4. determine the maximum size campaign that is possible for the R&O Department to produce with the resources available to the Promotion Team (primarily our time and skill-sets but we are hoping to get a sign company to sponsor us so that the signs look official)


Secondary goals are to:

  1. follow best practices as identified by ACRL
  2. incorporate the “@yourlibrary” logo from ACRL


The entire package of components consists of:

  1. a poster by turnstiles
  2. movie star cardboard cut-outs
  3. a dozen “highway signs”
  4. a banner that reinforces the idea
  5. web pages
  6. a “featured item” on
  7. a chance to win $20
  8. a running list of the students’ submissions
  9. a pre- and post-tests that measures students’ knowledge, use, and view of article databases
  10. incorporation of the “@your library” logo


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


This past week Jonathan and I were all over the tri-state area of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. We enjoyed seeing the beautiful sprawling countryside of Southwest Virginia (just gorgeous, can anyone tell what those beautiful, light purple trees are that line 81?)

Of course we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of you at ACRL, despite the fact that by the end of my fourth presentation I was like a walking, smiling library zombie. And, Baltimore, don’t get me started on Charm city! There is a reason why I am obsessed with the Wire; yes, yes I know it is the best show on TV but it also showcases one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S.A-Baltimore Hon!

But the capital city will always be our home base and it was wonderful to be back – the cherry blossoms blossoming and the people hanging out on their stoops. We saw some great billboards in DC that I think line up very well with the concept of value based marketing that I was trying to talk everyone into in my part of the panel “Will it make my teeth whiter?”

Have you seen the VW ads?
Here are some of the new tag lines:


Bic Pens – More Joy of Writing

I found this over at Twenty Four while browsing their awesome collection of ads. These ads are apparently fairly old, but still relevant; I love the idea of taking the mundane and making it spectacular.

382-pre-17-02616-bic_waterbroke-x390.jpg 383-pre-17-02706-bic_rocky-x390.jpg 381-pre-17-02612-bic_fire-x390.jpg

A campaign for BIC Pens. A writing experience so good that you’ll take a long time even when you need to communicate an emergency situation. The campaign is an Epica Bronze Winner and was created by Jung Von Matt.

Credits: Creative Director(s): Mathias Stiller, Wolfgang Schneider >> Copywriter(s): Michael Haeussler >> Art Director(s): Michael Janke >> Photographer(s): Daniel Zoubek >> Other(s): Account Supervisor: Frank Lotze, Frauke Schmidt, Henning Gerstner

The two faces of annual reports

AU Library Annual Report 2006Annual reports are notoriously hard to compile, but are they worth the outcome?

This year is the second year American University Library has chosen to dive in and make a public annual report. The first year was a trying task juggling the politics and the pain. The second year went a little more smoothly, but was still a huge nightmare (more politics and different pain).

Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth right?
You would think so, but with the right annual report and the right audience, it can be a beautiful thing.

The motivation for producing an annual report is to communicate the core values and worth of the organization to the public. Another great reason is fundraising- annual reports, especially “trophy annual reports” are great fodder for making the institution look grand and worthy of donations.

The design for this annual report was inspired by a botanic field guide, incorporating images from AU Library’s special collections. The style was chosen to fit in with the nature theme that all of AU Library’s administrative level brochures carry.

I’ve attached the PDF of the annual report to this post for review.

American University Library Annual Report 2005-2006

Mary in C&RL News!

C&RL News coverMake sure you read the July/August issue of College & Research Libraries News – Mary Evangeliste (1/2 or Fearless Future) wrote a terrific article about our experience winning the Best Practices in Marketing Academic & Research Libraries in 2005. Her article (attached below) summarizes our experience at ARCL as well as information about the 2007 Best Practices award.

Congratulations Mary; what an awesome article!

C&RL News

ALA Swap & Shop Recap

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us, the LAMA Swap & Shop was a huge success. I am posting the redesigns for those of you who couldn’t drop by or didn’t make it to New Orleans.

Here is some background on this project. Fearless Future was invited to do the academic brochure redesigns of the Swap & Shop PR Makeovers at ALA this year. In order to provide the selected libraries with the most flexibility in terms of production, we designed a brochure to be professionally printed as well as in-house produceable brochure (Black & White, Xeroxed).

Below I have posted the redesigns along with some framing so you can see the inspiration behind each brochure.

One of the brochures we chose to redesign was the Missouri Journalism Library. The Journalism Library is moving to a new building, and while they are waiting for a new building to be constructed, they are in very cramped quarters.

Missouri Journalism Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

Missouri Journalism Library in-house produced trifold brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

The other library that we choose was the Robert W. Woodruff Library. The Woodruff Library is the consortial library of four historically black colleges in Atlanta, GA.

Robert W. Woodruff Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library

Robert W. Woodruff Library in-house produced brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library
Missouri Journalism Library In-House PDF
Missouri Journalism Library Professionally Printed PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library In-House PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library Professionally Printed PDF

In your face, copyright!


Collage Images is a flickr group that is a great collection of vintage copyright-free artwork that you can grab and use as you wish.

I really hope that we can see more of this in the future. Take a few minutes and explore the collection, they have some really great and obscure images. Believe me, these images are a much better option than using clip art, and a lot cheaper than hiring a designer.

You do have to register with the group before you can view the images.

You are infected with… HUMANS!!!

This video was pulled from Three Legged Legs via Drawn!. When I saw this I was struck by how, a campaign framed in this way, would be infinitely more effective than the advertising that PETA puts out, which is odd since Three Legged Legs isn’t trying to change the world, they are just showing off their amazing animation skills.

That’s the problem with non profits in general – they get so bogged-down with changing the world that their message gets lost because of their own self-importance. Shoving images of butchered lambs into the hands of people who are enjoying their morning Starbucks (à la PETA) is alienating the people they are trying to influence; however, a simple re-framing that connects to the audience would work wonders.

This video communicates the same core message just in a way that is much more accessible to everyone.