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Catch ’em by surprise.

Every time Jonathan and I hand out our business cards, a chuckle invariably follows, and we couldn’t be happier.

Billy is fearless, he rides his bike without training wheels

Sally cares about the future, that is why she recycles

We think it is one of the best complements we could ever receive.

Gol Airlines

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I had to take down a series of ads that I posted a few days ago, but I found these substitutes, which I really, really like.
They have the same light and warm feeling in their approach, and there is something fresh about these. The photos were taken by Jan von Holleben. Amazing work!

gol_sand.jpg gol_baloon.jpg gol_tarzan.jpg
“If you always dreamed of flying, now you can.
Gol Airlines. Low-fare flights throughout South America.”

Via Ads of the world

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