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The Amazing Library Race


For the second year Mary has organized the “Amazing Library Race” at the University of Arizona. The race lead students through different “stations” where they find out information about different library services. With all kinds of local sponsorship and help from all over the library, the event was a HUGE success. Click here to head over to Rebecca Blakiston’s (steadfastlibrarian) blog post to get her break down of the event and see some pictures.

Celebrity Road Trip

My name is Julie O’Keeffe, and I want to share a mini-campaign that we at Marqutte University executed this semester – the goal of this campaign was to increase awareness about our databases.
Below you will find some pictures and a breakdown of the campaign.

If you have any questions about this campaign, feel free to email me:



The goals of the two-semester campaign are to:

  1. raise awareness among the student population of the variety of article databases available to them
  2. educate students on the costs and benefits of using article databases and search engines such as Google
  3. collect data regarding student views of the databases for future promotion efforts
  4. determine the maximum size campaign that is possible for the R&O Department to produce with the resources available to the Promotion Team (primarily our time and skill-sets but we are hoping to get a sign company to sponsor us so that the signs look official)


Secondary goals are to:

  1. follow best practices as identified by ACRL
  2. incorporate the “@yourlibrary” logo from ACRL


The entire package of components consists of:

  1. a poster by turnstiles
  2. movie star cardboard cut-outs
  3. a dozen “highway signs”
  4. a banner that reinforces the idea
  5. web pages
  6. a “featured item” on
  7. a chance to win $20
  8. a running list of the students’ submissions
  9. a pre- and post-tests that measures students’ knowledge, use, and view of article databases
  10. incorporation of the “@your library” logo


In your face, copyright!


Collage Images is a flickr group that is a great collection of vintage copyright-free artwork that you can grab and use as you wish.

I really hope that we can see more of this in the future. Take a few minutes and explore the collection, they have some really great and obscure images. Believe me, these images are a much better option than using clip art, and a lot cheaper than hiring a designer.

You do have to register with the group before you can view the images.

What I learned in Yoga last night

My yoga teacher talked last night about the importance of feeling OK with the fact that you can often be wrong or not know how to do something.

I think this is a very integral thing to realize and embrace if you are embarking on any kind of public relation campaign or marketing campaign for your organization.

Let me explain:

  1. With a marketing campaign you often have to take a leap into the unknown, you have to try things that aren’t comfortable.
  2. You have to be ready when you create a campaign to be wrong – just dead wrong sometimes.
  3. Sometimes you will create a funny poster that just bombs or conversely you will create a wild poster that really hits the mark and becomes wildly popular. Last year we made this poster that students ripped off the wall and hung in their dorm room.

How can you comfortably move into taking chances?

  1. make a one year plan; assess it after one year; and be flexible.
  2. show your posters and other design material to someone outside your organization; ask them to critique it; sit quietly while they do it and actively listen.
  3. browse magazines and journals open your mind to images that may not naturally come to you…
  4. walk around your community and look at what people are wearing , saying and looking at ….

BUT MOST of all be able to be wrong – BE FEARLESS

I think it was David Byrne, of the Talking Heads who said
“By being lost , you can be found” or something like that….икони

Message Placement


Our friends over at Advertising/Design Goodness have brought us another great example of effective message placement; talk about demographic targeting.

“Great idea for Fissler pans. When you buy a piece of meat at the grocery store it will be wrapped in piece of paper with the pan on it.”

Hidden Marvels


I was browsing through BibliOdyssey, a repository for strange and beautiful images from books, and it reminded me that I have only a slight idea of what treasures exist in the archives of my institution.

018357p_252.jpg Atkins  Odonthalia dentata.jpg

Your archives are a treasure-trove of images and/or inspiration for use in your marketing materials. I’ve used materials from archives for everything from annual reports to event invitations.

I encourage you to throw on those white gloves, and start digging around your archives for materials. And I offer this tip, you can photograph some of the more fragile pieces rather than scanning them and still get very usable images.