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Now it’s our turn…

Since Mary just posted an article about the fun WITF pledge drive, we thought we would try our hand at our own pledge drive.

Fearless Future started a team for the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure in DC on June 6th. We are asking for people to donate money to our team.

If you donate, you will be entered into a drawing to win 20 hours of design work/consultation from Fearless Future. We could redesign your logo, create a brochure, redo your business cards, walk you though a re-branding strategy all for FREE.

Any amount would qualify you to be entered, but remember this is for a good cause.

You can donate on our team page any time between now and June 6th. Follow the link below and click on the “Donate to this Team!” button.

If you can be in DC on the 6th, join our team, we would love to have you!

Thank you!!
Fearless Future

** UPDATE **
Team Fearless Future raised almost $1,000 for the Race for the Cure! Thank you to everyone who donated!!

We also picked a winner for the free 20 hrs of work from FF. Congratulations Amanda Werhane from University of Wisconsin-Madison Library!

A surprising blast from ALA past

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share this…

In 1983 the American Library Association pulled together 8 graphic designers and illustrators from around the US to create a collection of camera-ready art for libraries to use in their PR materials – cutting edge stuff at the time, and a great resource for any library.

Alas, 23 years is a long time when technology is involved and times have definitely changed. That said, there are some hilariously oblique and strange images.

I am impressed that, even in 1983, ALA was aware that libraries need to “sell” themselves in order to compete, but it makes me wonder why, after all these years, most libraries/librarians are still struggling with this idea.

I’ve attached two versions of the binder for your consumption – one for screen view that is 4.5 mb, and one for print that is a whopping 44 mb.

Art Deco Faces, slightly creepy, but kinda cool. Rocket Ship I have no idea what a weight lifter has to do with libaries... Reel Entertainment From the Library
ALA Clip Art Binder for screen (4.5 mb)
ALA Clip Art Binder for print (44 mb)


Topic of the Month – April

“What tools are you using that have little to no cost? What does and doesn’t work?”

Emily Barton
Michigan State University Libraries