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Full Time Fearless!

I have resigned from my position in PA and I am currently in Washington, DC working with a variety of amazing Fearless Future clients. From here I will venture to Western PA.  to visit my extended family. Then I will make my way to my spiritual home-Tucson, AZ. I try to stay away from the sonoran desert but it pulls me back each time!

Jonathan and I knew when we started Fearless Future five years ago that sooner or later one of us would do it full time. We have grown from just hopes and dreams to working with amazing educational, environmental, wellness and social justice clients. These clients inspire us to create the best design and marketing to get the word out about the amazing work they do!

I will always be a librarian and I am grateful for the 12 years I spent in higher education. I love working with students on their research and have been deeply effected by many of my colleagues’ kindness. I have incredible friends from everywhere because of libraries.

We hope to continue to work with librarians all over the world to create exciting and fresh marketing. And of course I am always available for workshops and consultations.

The world of social marketing and design is so exciting right now that I feel that I just cant miss it. Witness the growth of magazines like ODE and groups like GOOD.

I feel like our society is right on the verge of realizing how to apply great marketing and design to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Most of you know that I have always loved studying and making art and creating social design is my way of translating that skill to the world.

If you have a great non-profit or small business that you think makes the world more fearless for all of us please write me @ and tell me about them. We would love to connect with them and help them bring awareness to new audiences about  the amazing things they do!  Be fearless!

Finding emotion in global warming

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Oh my, this commercial by the firm McCann Erickson is more than intense.

I wonder if this will ever air on US television…

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The things I have seen and heard in Seattle! (Part II)

Photo by: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
Not only did I enjoy seeing, experiencing and learning about Koolhaas’s Main Library, but I also found a beautiful gem of a library and neighborhood center when I went to visit my friends in Ballard.

Ballard is known among my friends to be the place where you can buy fun stuff (Archie McPhee’s) and get a great cupcake (Cupcake Royale) BUT it also home to one of the TOP TEN GREEN buildings of 2006, the Ballard Library and Neighborhood Center.

My friend and I were randomly wondering about Ballard waiting for my other friend to get home from her work at SAM (More about the opening of the new SAM sculpture garden in part three.) when we came upon a beautiful and strange building. The first thing that caught my eye was that this building had a green roof (an component of sustainable architecture that I have great interest in) and that it was very shiny. When we got closer we realized it was the Ballard Library and Neighborhood Center.

seattlelibrary.jpg ballard_library.jpg Ballard Library - Seattle (exterior)
Ballard Library - Seattle (interior) Ballard Library - Seattle (interior) Ballard Library - Seattle (interior)

Not only was it a mixed use facility, a gorgeous example of a green building produced with a limited budget it was packed with people of diverse ages and background. It warmed my little librarian heart to see a print reference section that was centrally located. It was a great example of how stylish and inviting a library and a green building can be… I could go on and on about the native plants on the roof and the designers behind the plan but instead I will let the library and the architect, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, tell you themselves. To read and see more pictures and drawings of the building, please see: (look under projects>cultural>Ballard Library and Neighborhood Center)
To read more about the branch please see:

In other words the Koolhaas building is fantastic but it not the only amazing new library building in Seattle.

It’s not easy being green.

I just discovered information about the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), so I thought I would pass it along to you.

The FSC is a non-profit working with the lumber industry to be more socially responsible.

Now, here are the bits that interest us in the marketing field… If you work with a printer that is FSC certified, they have the ability to add a badge to your print job that details how many natural resources were used in producing that job (how many trees were used, how many gallons of water were consumed, and so on).

I’m actually really excited about this; I’ve been looking for something that I can use for my work with American University Library. The only downside I can see is that green printing will undoubtedly be more expensive than traditional printing.