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Eco-Guilt or Eco-Fun, you decide?

happy earth
Future Space Colonists will rejoice in having earth as a luxurious spa retreat.

This post is inspired by the Live Earth concerts this week Yeah, yeah everyone can be cynical, like they already have, about Madonna & the Red Hot Chili Peppers riding around in their private jets burning too much fuel etc. I am just happy that people are even debating it. You know I am always a sucker for positive change wether it be Bill Moyers coming back to PBS or Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard, the list could go on and on.

But what I want to talk about is that we here at Fearless Future believe that you have to make a decision:
will it be Eco-Guilt or Eco-Fun?
and I think you all know what our choice will be!

One way I have found to have lots of Eco-Fun is to host and participate in Rags to Riches parties. Definition: invite a bunch of girls over and bring all the cloths you are tired of and would like to switch with friends.

We are lucky to live in a such a developed country that we can simply become bored with our cloths. What you think of as your “rags” can become someone else’s “riches”!
Plus it will be a really fun activity for you and your girlfriends to catch up and eat some nibbly bits and such. I was introduced to Rags to Riches by my wonderful and brilliant friend Lauren. Thanks lolly!

And when you are done the hostess of the party takes all of the cloths that have not been switched and donates them to the charity of the group’s choice. Reuse and give to those who need and HAVE FUN while doing it! SO EVERYONE WINS !

All of this talk about answering the call and doing what you can to have some Eco-Fun reminds me of the lyrics from a Tribe Called Quest song Luck of lucian:

“Instead of doin so much, why dont you do just a little?
Lucien, lucien, lucien, lucien.
You should know!”