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What makes a great marketer? Curiosity!

The most iconic television show ever created about  marketing and advertising started with a scene where  Don Draper is asking the busboy in a restaurant what  kind of cigarettes he smokes and what would make him  change brands.

If you want to be a great marketer you must be curious.  You must keep your eyes out on the train, plane or bus for  what people are reading. You have to ask people what  they are listening to on their Ipods. You have to be aware  what people are wearing. What are they watching and  how are they watching it?

Everything in marketing is about  the customer or audience and not about you. It does not matter if you don’t like Lady Gaga ’cause everyone else does or that you don’t watch TV, ’cause  most people do.

If you are not interested in other people and their habits you will not be a good marketer. But if you are curious about this big gigantic world we live in and you love learning new things, well that is a good place to start.