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Annual Report

AU Library Annual Report 06-07

AU Library Annual Report CoverI’m posting the Annual Report that I designed for American University Library mostly for inspiration’s sake, but also because I think it turned out great.

Last year the report centered around this theme of a botanical field guide. For this year’s report, the highlights were maps from the library’s special collections. Since maps were the central focus, the report was designed around the core idea of a “Captain’s Log.” This idea allowed the addition of personal elements such as handwriting and handmade graphs, these personal touches helped to dispel the austere image that annual reports tend to portray.

One of the primary goals when designing this annual report was that it be a tactile experience. The cover was embossed with a leather texture on the spine and the four corners, and the paper is milled to feel like cloth. The ultimate goal was that this annual report feel authentic, and I think we succeeded.

Below, I’ve attached a PDF so you can look through the whole thing.

American University Library Annual Report 2006-2007

Will it make my teeth whiter?

Mary EvangelisteDerik A. Badman’s drawing of Mary

There have been some requests to post the powerpoint “Will it make my teeth whiter? Selling the library without selling out,” from ACRL Baltimore. Below you will find the presentation and the bibliography from the talk.

Derik Badman did a nice write up (and drawing) on the ACRL blog “live from the scene” regarding the presentation.

Oh and if anyone took pictures of this presentation would you please shoot me an e-mail? Mary and I were so scattered by then, we didn’t take any for posterity.

Will it make my teeth whiter presentation
Presentation bibliography

Mary’s ACRL Baltimore

mary_and_jonathan.jpgMary and Jonathan at the 2006 Swap ‘n Shop in NOLA

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the splendor that is Mary Evangeliste, you can see her in action at ACRL; Mary is presenting not once, but twice at ACRL in Baltimore this year.

Library as Convener: Collaborations that Build Creative (Academic) Communities

Session Format: Workshop
Track: Collaborations
Theme: Rocking the Boat (innovations)

Friday, March 30
8:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Session Number/Code: W
Room: Baltimore Convention Center – 338

Bess de Farber
Grants & Revenue Manager, University of Arizona Libraries
Mary Evangeliste
Training Coordinator-Information Commons, University of Arizona

Program Description:
Learn the art of collaboration through structured facilitative methods that yield creative ideas you never would have dreamed of on your own. The workshop presents a simulation of processes on how to host a CoLAB Planning® session in your library.

Note: This workshop limited to 60 particpants in order to ensure active participation. Pre-registration will be available in February 2007.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts that drive outstanding collaborations
  • Plan how to present an innovative facilitative process to discover new collaborative relationships/projects in your own community
  • Utilize tools that ensure candidness, follow-through, and commitment to the project end-result


Will it make my teeth whiter? Selling the library without selling out

Session Format: Panel Session
Track: The Environment for Libraries
Theme: Lifelines (values)

Saturday, March 31
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Session Number/Code: PN
Room: Baltimore Convention Center – 310

Julie O’Keeffe
Coordinator of Outreach Services, Marquette University
Erla Heyns Ph.D. Libr
Director, Cornell University
Mary Evangeliste
Training Coordinator-Information Commons, University of Arizona
Patricia Berge
Librarian, Marquette University

Program Description:
Academic libraries increasingly compete for the attention of patrons. Many librarians have begun to embrace marketing of libraries, however, many are still reluctant. How do we move from marketing as an add-on to making it integral to libraries?

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate assumptions and obstacles towards marketing
  • Describe methods to communicate our professional ethics, as outlined by ALA, through marketing
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of marketing

It’s not easy being green.

I just discovered information about the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), so I thought I would pass it along to you.

The FSC is a non-profit working with the lumber industry to be more socially responsible.

Now, here are the bits that interest us in the marketing field… If you work with a printer that is FSC certified, they have the ability to add a badge to your print job that details how many natural resources were used in producing that job (how many trees were used, how many gallons of water were consumed, and so on).

I’m actually really excited about this; I’ve been looking for something that I can use for my work with American University Library. The only downside I can see is that green printing will undoubtedly be more expensive than traditional printing.

The two faces of annual reports

AU Library Annual Report 2006Annual reports are notoriously hard to compile, but are they worth the outcome?

This year is the second year American University Library has chosen to dive in and make a public annual report. The first year was a trying task juggling the politics and the pain. The second year went a little more smoothly, but was still a huge nightmare (more politics and different pain).

Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth right?
You would think so, but with the right annual report and the right audience, it can be a beautiful thing.

The motivation for producing an annual report is to communicate the core values and worth of the organization to the public. Another great reason is fundraising- annual reports, especially “trophy annual reports” are great fodder for making the institution look grand and worthy of donations.

The design for this annual report was inspired by a botanic field guide, incorporating images from AU Library’s special collections. The style was chosen to fit in with the nature theme that all of AU Library’s administrative level brochures carry.

I’ve attached the PDF of the annual report to this post for review.

American University Library Annual Report 2005-2006

Mary in C&RL News!

C&RL News coverMake sure you read the July/August issue of College & Research Libraries News – Mary Evangeliste (1/2 or Fearless Future) wrote a terrific article about our experience winning the Best Practices in Marketing Academic & Research Libraries in 2005. Her article (attached below) summarizes our experience at ARCL as well as information about the 2007 Best Practices award.

Congratulations Mary; what an awesome article!

C&RL News

ALA Swap & Shop Recap

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us, the LAMA Swap & Shop was a huge success. I am posting the redesigns for those of you who couldn’t drop by or didn’t make it to New Orleans.

Here is some background on this project. Fearless Future was invited to do the academic brochure redesigns of the Swap & Shop PR Makeovers at ALA this year. In order to provide the selected libraries with the most flexibility in terms of production, we designed a brochure to be professionally printed as well as in-house produceable brochure (Black & White, Xeroxed).

Below I have posted the redesigns along with some framing so you can see the inspiration behind each brochure.

One of the brochures we chose to redesign was the Missouri Journalism Library. The Journalism Library is moving to a new building, and while they are waiting for a new building to be constructed, they are in very cramped quarters.

Missouri Journalism Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

Missouri Journalism Library in-house produced trifold brochure redesign:
Missouri Journalism Library Missouri Journalism Library

The other library that we choose was the Robert W. Woodruff Library. The Woodruff Library is the consortial library of four historically black colleges in Atlanta, GA.

Robert W. Woodruff Library professionally printed brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library

Robert W. Woodruff Library in-house produced brochure redesign:
Robert W. Woodruff Library Robert W. Woodruff Library
Missouri Journalism Library In-House PDF
Missouri Journalism Library Professionally Printed PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library In-House PDF
Robert W. Woodruff Library Professionally Printed PDF

Better than Botox?


As ALA rounds the corner and you are getting your schedule squared away, all of you have to make room for the LAMA Swap & Shop. Mary and I will have some great brochure makeovers on display and we will be giving away tons of pointers, as well as a few packets of hands-on information.

Swap & Shop:
Sunday, June 25th
11-1:30 in the Main Exhibit Hall in the special events area behind aisle 3700.

I can’t wait to see you all there.

Swap & Shop Makeover


If you are going to be at ALA in New Orleans this year, you definitely need to stop by the Swap & Shop on Sunday, June 25 at 11:00 am – 1:30 pm in the Exhibit Hall.

Not only will you get a chance to see a showcase of successful PR materials, but you will also get a chance to see me and Mary in action. Fearless Future has been invited to handle the redesign of the chosen academic library brochures that were submitted for the “Makeover” section of the Swap & Shop.

We would love to see all of you there!

Link to press release about the Swap & Shop.

“Let’s hear it for the boy”


No I am not talking about the song from Footloose sound track but our very own Jonathan Silberman who was recently interviewed in the May/June edition of Print Magazine:America’s Graphic Design Magazine.

The article was written by CORY DOCTOROW who is an author and a blogger, most notably one the of the editors of Boing Boing, an award winning blog that started out as a zine.

The article titled Some Rights Reserved is all about the use of Creative Commons in the work of designers. Jonathan was interviewed because we licenced all of our marketing material under a creative commons license. This enables people to use our marketing plan and most importantly Jonathan’s designs as long as they give attribution to the creator. One of the best lines in the article is “as an author my biggest problem is not piracy it is obscurity”

This quote could also be said of libraries or as Oscar Wilde says “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” We should all be involved in this new emerging form of communication. It will enable us to learn and share with each other and truley create a “learning commons”

I want to give a shout out to Gwendolyn Reece, intellectual and librarian extraordinaire for introducing me to the idea of Creative Commons.

If you have interest in Creative Commons you should read Lawrence Lessig and Siva Vaidhyanthan