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Social Marketing: It Could Happen to You


This past month Yvonne Mery and Mary Evangeliste were given the opportunity to present at the 2007 Arizona Library Association Conference in Mesa, AZ. Originally we had applied for just a 50 minute break-out session, but to our surprise and delight were later asked to present it as a three-hour workshop. The workshop, Value-based Marketing: Integrating our Promotional Strategies with Our Mission & Ethics, turned out to be a huge success.

In three hours our goal was to have everyone in attendance have the beginnings of a killer marketing idea centered around the concept of social marketing. Social marketing uses well-proven commercial marketing techniques to promote the public good. As far back as 1953, G.D. Wiebe posed the question “Can brotherhood be sold as soap?” Since then, many non-profits have proven, yes, it can!! We showed how they can and have with some in-depth analyses of several successful social marketing campaigns including Click It or Ticket, Truth, and Back to Sleep. There are many elements that make up a successful social marketing campaign but the most important ones we discussed were:

  • choose a very narrow target audience,
  • create an action for your audience,
  • offer a reward that is based on the audience’s values
  •  seek out partnerships.

We must give our thanks to Katya Andresen and her invaluable book Robin Hood Marketing for giving us so many strategies to work with.

We will be giving a recap of this presentation for the Pima County Public Library on December 7th. We will also be offering a similar presentation at the California Research and Academic Libraries annual conference in April. And of course, we are always available to come to your library and teach you how to a plan a simple yet effective marketing plan.

The Future’s So Bright I’ve Got To Wear Shades


It seems to me that people in libraries are obsessed with talking about the future of libraries. Being occupied by the future is kinda against my Buddhist beliefs, but that is another post altogether. Well I am here to tell you that we’ve got nothing to worry about!
I had the privilege of attending a conference put on by the students at the University of Arizona School of Information and Library Sciences and if the caliber and intellect of these students is an indication of the people moving into librarianship—I HAVE NO WORRIES!

This conference was way better than any ALA program I have ever attended. The subject matter was rich and the participants were enthusiastic.
Here is the link to the entire wonderful day:

There were so many wonderful programs that I wished that I could have been in two places at once…

Also there were many wonderful participants from the Knowledge River program at SIRLS (University of Arizona School of Information and Library Science)
If you do not know about the Knowledge River program please take a look here
It is a program to encourage Hispanic and Native American students into the library profession.

I have been fortunate enough to supervise two Interns from the Knowledge River program and they were and are fabulous.

Like I said, the future is so bright I’ve got to wear shades!

I am busy figuring out my last minute details on the two presentation I am doing for AZLA

See ya in Mesa !