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Annual Report

AU Library Annual Report 06-07

AU Library Annual Report CoverI’m posting the Annual Report that I designed for American University Library mostly for inspiration’s sake, but also because I think it turned out great.

Last year the report centered around this theme of a botanical field guide. For this year’s report, the highlights were maps from the library’s special collections. Since maps were the central focus, the report was designed around the core idea of a “Captain’s Log.” This idea allowed the addition of personal elements such as handwriting and handmade graphs, these personal touches helped to dispel the austere image that annual reports tend to portray.

One of the primary goals when designing this annual report was that it be a tactile experience. The cover was embossed with a leather texture on the spine and the four corners, and the paper is milled to feel like cloth. The ultimate goal was that this annual report feel authentic, and I think we succeeded.

Below, I’ve attached a PDF so you can look through the whole thing.

American University Library Annual Report 2006-2007

Excuse the non posting.


Hello everyone!

Please excuse the non posting this past week; both Jonathan and I are deeply immersed in our own university-wide marketing plans at the moment.

American University has once again proven that their edgy designs can be executed with very little money but with maximum results. This year Jonathan designed a fabulous aluminum water bottle that is so cool I’ll bet students will begin hoarding them. AU is also planning a launch party for their new 24-hour schedule; finalizing details, gathering sponsorship, and making costumes (they are going to have a robot, a monkey, a ninja, and a pirate there to match their new post-it notes — see image above)

Here at University of Arizona Libraries we are putting the final touches on our second annual Amazing Library Race. An orientation event meant to break down barriers and eliminate misconception students have about the libraries resource and services. Last year was so successful and so much fun that we are starting to make a name for ourselves on campus. Last week we showed up on the home page of the University of Arizona. No small feat indeed. This is definitely because of our strong branding of the event and all the thanks for that goes to graphic designer Marty Taylor – Thanks Marty!

The thing that I like best about the Amazing Library Race is the engagement of the staff involved, they are so dedicated and they create their own questions and displays -they are wonderful and energetic. It is so great that last year the staff said that they enjoyed the event especially for the fact that the got to work and have fun with people in the library that they rarely see… these kinds of comments make all of my work worthwhile!

The two faces of annual reports

AU Library Annual Report 2006Annual reports are notoriously hard to compile, but are they worth the outcome?

This year is the second year American University Library has chosen to dive in and make a public annual report. The first year was a trying task juggling the politics and the pain. The second year went a little more smoothly, but was still a huge nightmare (more politics and different pain).

Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth right?
You would think so, but with the right annual report and the right audience, it can be a beautiful thing.

The motivation for producing an annual report is to communicate the core values and worth of the organization to the public. Another great reason is fundraising- annual reports, especially “trophy annual reports” are great fodder for making the institution look grand and worthy of donations.

The design for this annual report was inspired by a botanic field guide, incorporating images from AU Library’s special collections. The style was chosen to fit in with the nature theme that all of AU Library’s administrative level brochures carry.

I’ve attached the PDF of the annual report to this post for review.

American University Library Annual Report 2005-2006

Marketing extends everywhere


One of the things that people forget when developing your marketing plan is that marketing extends to everything that comes out of your organization. Posters, brochures, even temporary signs all get the magic marketing treatment.

Every chance that you are presented, you need to reinforce your brand. Let’s not kid ourselves, it is time to begin thinking of your institution as a brand whether or not you like the idea of it.

Reinforcing your brand is the most fundamentally important aspects of marketing, you have to tie your brand to your institution.

Here are two logos for American University Library, one is used for formal publications and the other is used for the day-to-day materials from the library.

AUL_stamp.jpg header small.png

A logo is the easiest way to create a brand for the library in the mind of the viewers. Keep this in mind, most libraries usually forgo a library logo for their university’s logo.