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What a year…

2008 brought many great changes and many exciting projects to Fearless Future, so Jonathan and I wanted to take time to thank all of those people and companies that made it such a great year.

  • January—Mary moved back East in January to central Pennsylvania. After one year as Director of User Services and Outreach at Musselman Library, Gettysburg College she continues to be engaged and excited about her work there. She and her wonderfully smart and creative colleagues are currently in the process of creating an integrated approach to marketing in libraries. Stay tuned for more details.
  • April—Jonathan continues to receive accolades about the IM marketing effort he was involved in with American Univerity Library and in April he presented about it at Computers in Libraries with our amazing colleagues Alex Hodges and Patricia West. This campaign proved that a library could create a great looking campaign that matched perfectly with its target audience and clearly stated the benefit of using the IM service to that audience.
  • April—Mary presented at CARL (California Academic and Research Libraries) in March with Pauline D. Manaka from University of California, Irvine and fellow fearless colleague Yvonne Mery from the University of Arizona Libraries. We adapted the “Can Libraries be sold as Soap?” for an hour session and Pauline added a section about Energy Star. Pauline is a great library colleague and Yvonne and I hope to work with her again soon.
  • May—Mary was invited to be a panelist at the opening session Branding Bravely of at Amigos Library Services and at the same conference Mary and Yvonne conducted a three hour workshop version of “Can Libraries be sold as Soap?” We worked with the wonderful Laura Kimberly and Eddy Smith of Amigos who made us feel so welcome in Texas. Last but not least we got to catch up with one of our favorite fearless friends, Tommie Wingfield.
  • May—Mary was invited to be a panelist on College of Dupage’s Library Challenges and Opportunities Teleconference—Rules of Engagement: Attracting and Engaging Library Users. This was the first time Mary was involved in a live, produced teleconference and it took her a while to get used to this format. The entire production crew at Dupage was so amazing, so patient and professional. Ellen Sutton who coordinates the Dupage Library Challenges and Opportunities asked Mary to work with her on the 2009 Library Challenges & Opportunities and together they put together two new programs for 2009. More about them later.
  • August—Jonathan’s design of American University Library’s Annual Report was featured in Graphic Design USA’s “American In-House Design Award”.
  • August—Mary conducted a three-hour version of “Can Libraries be sold as Soap?” for the Tri-state College Library Cooperative. Mary worked closely with Joy Dlugosz of Eastern University to adapt the workshop to the needs of the organization. Joy first met Mary when Mary was a guest lecturer for University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Science. Mary does this every April for professor Susan Alman who is the director of the Fast Track program at Pitt. Joy is amazingly energetic and committed to librarianship.
  • September—Fearless Future begins work with the Adams County SPCA. First we redesigned their unchaining brochure and in 2009 we will be working on their membership campaign. We are so impressed with the commitment all of the ACSPCA employees and board bring to this shelter; we are honored to work with them.
  • October—Jonathan conducts Adobe Illustrator® training workshop for ARGY
  • October—Jonathan’s design for American University Library’s Annual Report is also featured inPrint Magazine’s October 2008 Issue “Creativity + Commerce Business Graphics”
  • November—Mary brought together three librarians to talk about Information Literacy for Life. This was the first teleconference that Mary helped shape and facilitated. It could not have gone any better. Alex Hodges, Niketha McKenzie and Roshin Matthew all presented about information literacy and their particular populations but more importantly the collaborations that can be created to create a seamless continuum of information literacy throughout one’s lifetime. Keep your eyes of all three of these librarians because you will undoubtedly her more about them.
  • November—Fearless Future works pro-bono for ArtLitho to design their holiday card.
  • November—Mary has chapter published in Staff Development Strategies That Work! Stories and Strategies from New Librarians. Mary chapter is titles Knowing and Showing : from a good to a great boss. In this chapter Mary recounts eight lessons she remembers from her greatest mentors and bosses. Working with editors Georgie Donovan and Miguel Figueroa made bring this chapter to fruition easy.
  • December—Fearless Future submits manuscript for their how-to marketing book soon to be published by ALA entitled “Bite Size Marketing”.
  • December—Fearless Future starts work with Julie Strange at Maryland Askus Now to create a commercial to promote their state-wide virtual reference service.

Thank you to everyone for making 2008 a great year!!!
Mary & Jonathan

Fearless, Coast to Coast

Yvonne Mery and I will be presenting on Friday April 4th in Irvine California at the California Association of Research Libraries. We will be presenting with a wonderful colleague from UC Irvine, Pauline Manaka. We are presenting a shortened version of “Can Libraries be sold as soap?” Our interactive workshop that focuses on social marketing campaigns and its transferability to libraries.

Jonathan will be presenting with other awesome colleagues, Alex Hodges and Patricia West, on Tuesday, April 8th at Computers in Libraries in Arlington, Virginia. Jonathan and company will be talking about the amazing work done marketing IM service at American University Library. Finally our wonderful friend and co-author Nancy Dowd of The “M” Word is also presenting at Computers in Libraries. Nancy will be talking about how to survive tech exhaustion and instead find the best uses Web 2.0 technology in libraries.



Those crafty advertising agencies (TBWA\Chiat\Day in this case) are at work on an ad campaign to play with the English language, and make an observer wonder what it is that they are trying to communicate to the public.

I am, of course, talking about the campaign for Snickers. More specifically about the made up words that replace the space where “Snickers” usually appears on its candy bar wrappers, buses, billboards, and other public spaces.

The Snickers ad campaign is using the concept of word coinage to invent new words that seek to gain observers’ attention. Really what they’ve done is to combine morphemes, or base elements of internal word structure from other words in an attempt to define their product in a new, robust way.

  1. hunger + ectomy
  2. nougat + ocity
  3. peanut + opolis
  4. satis + fect + ellent
  5. substantial + iscious

From this morphological breakdown, the linguist might determine that a Snickers 1) removes hunger, 2) is full of nougat to the nth degree, 3) makes you feel like you are in a city of peanuts, 4) satifies with excellence, and 5) is deliciously substantial.

I any case, Snickers is making up words to draw attention to itself. Similar marketing campaigns have used morpheme-play and word coinage to equal effect, e.g. Uncola (Un + cola). I doubt Snickers’ new words will be added to the lexicon, but one can only hope because they’re so fun and satisfying!

snickers1.jpg snickers2.jpg snickers3.jpg
snickers4.jpg hungerectomy

ALA DC Restaurant List – Part 1: Around the Convention Center

Mary Evangeliste
Mary clearly not happy because she isn’t in DC enjoying the food. Photo by Alex Hodges

Austin Grille
Great Tex-Mex
750 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
I worked there as a wait person for almost two years, and I still LOVE the place
try a swirlie! Giddy up!

Spanish Tapas
480 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
Great tapas! beautiful try the sangria
Right next door to Austin Grille
You can make online or phone reservations

Café Atlantico
Central & South American Cuisine
405 8th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
Between D and E Streets
Best Paella in town, I worked here too for a little while, such fun!
Later most night they move the tables back and the dancing begins!

Full Kee
509 H St, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Easily the BEST Chinese food in china town – a hidden treasure!
OH yes I do NOT believe that Full Kee takes credit cards

Mediterranean Tapas
701 9th St, NW (Corner of 9th & G st NW)
Washington, DC 20004
Amazing food and Beautiful architecture and ambiance, all for a reasonable price.

Capital City Brewery
Traditional American Fare
1100 New York Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Great food & beer at a great price!икони