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Highlighting your digital collections!

C&RL News June 09
I am proud to announce that Musselman Library’s digital collection-GettDigital is featured on the front cover of C&RL news this month—June.

C&RL News June 09 Cover

This is part of concerted effort to highlight the GettDigital collections and we are thrilled to have this additional national platform to extend our reach.

Thanks to ACRL and specifically to David Free!

Thanks to my wonderful colleagues at Musselman Library for making marketing digital collections such an enjoyable task, Director of Special Collections and College Archivist–Karen Drickamer, Special Collections Assistant–Catherine Perry, and Cataloging/Metadata Librarian–Carolyn Sautter.

Check out all of the GettDigital Pages I am sure that you will find something of interest.

Remember Gettysburg is not just muskets and cannonballs.

Will it make my teeth whiter?

Mary EvangelisteDerik A. Badman’s drawing of Mary

There have been some requests to post the powerpoint “Will it make my teeth whiter? Selling the library without selling out,” from ACRL Baltimore. Below you will find the presentation and the bibliography from the talk.

Derik Badman did a nice write up (and drawing) on the ACRL blog “live from the scene” regarding the presentation.

Oh and if anyone took pictures of this presentation would you please shoot me an e-mail? Mary and I were so scattered by then, we didn’t take any for posterity.

Will it make my teeth whiter presentation
Presentation bibliography

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


This past week Jonathan and I were all over the tri-state area of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. We enjoyed seeing the beautiful sprawling countryside of Southwest Virginia (just gorgeous, can anyone tell what those beautiful, light purple trees are that line 81?)

Of course we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of you at ACRL, despite the fact that by the end of my fourth presentation I was like a walking, smiling library zombie. And, Baltimore, don’t get me started on Charm city! There is a reason why I am obsessed with the Wire; yes, yes I know it is the best show on TV but it also showcases one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S.A-Baltimore Hon!

But the capital city will always be our home base and it was wonderful to be back – the cherry blossoms blossoming and the people hanging out on their stoops. We saw some great billboards in DC that I think line up very well with the concept of value based marketing that I was trying to talk everyone into in my part of the panel “Will it make my teeth whiter?”

Have you seen the VW ads?
Here are some of the new tag lines:


Mary’s ACRL Baltimore

mary_and_jonathan.jpgMary and Jonathan at the 2006 Swap ‘n Shop in NOLA

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the splendor that is Mary Evangeliste, you can see her in action at ACRL; Mary is presenting not once, but twice at ACRL in Baltimore this year.

Library as Convener: Collaborations that Build Creative (Academic) Communities

Session Format: Workshop
Track: Collaborations
Theme: Rocking the Boat (innovations)

Friday, March 30
8:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Session Number/Code: W
Room: Baltimore Convention Center – 338

Bess de Farber
Grants & Revenue Manager, University of Arizona Libraries
Mary Evangeliste
Training Coordinator-Information Commons, University of Arizona

Program Description:
Learn the art of collaboration through structured facilitative methods that yield creative ideas you never would have dreamed of on your own. The workshop presents a simulation of processes on how to host a CoLAB Planning® session in your library.

Note: This workshop limited to 60 particpants in order to ensure active participation. Pre-registration will be available in February 2007.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts that drive outstanding collaborations
  • Plan how to present an innovative facilitative process to discover new collaborative relationships/projects in your own community
  • Utilize tools that ensure candidness, follow-through, and commitment to the project end-result


Will it make my teeth whiter? Selling the library without selling out

Session Format: Panel Session
Track: The Environment for Libraries
Theme: Lifelines (values)

Saturday, March 31
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Session Number/Code: PN
Room: Baltimore Convention Center – 310

Julie O’Keeffe
Coordinator of Outreach Services, Marquette University
Erla Heyns Ph.D. Libr
Director, Cornell University
Mary Evangeliste
Training Coordinator-Information Commons, University of Arizona
Patricia Berge
Librarian, Marquette University

Program Description:
Academic libraries increasingly compete for the attention of patrons. Many librarians have begun to embrace marketing of libraries, however, many are still reluctant. How do we move from marketing as an add-on to making it integral to libraries?

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate assumptions and obstacles towards marketing
  • Describe methods to communicate our professional ethics, as outlined by ALA, through marketing
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of marketing

Mary in C&RL News!

C&RL News coverMake sure you read the July/August issue of College & Research Libraries News – Mary Evangeliste (1/2 or Fearless Future) wrote a terrific article about our experience winning the Best Practices in Marketing Academic & Research Libraries in 2005. Her article (attached below) summarizes our experience at ARCL as well as information about the 2007 Best Practices award.

Congratulations Mary; what an awesome article!

C&RL News

ACRL/MARL announces 2007 marketing award !


This is very exciting, so start collecting all of your marketing material and documenting it along the way! REMEMBER to take pictures of events, keep pdf, jiff, and jpegs of everything you make!

The deadline for submissions Monday December 4th, 2006!

This was just announced and I am sure Jonathan and I will be writing more about it in the next few months so stay tuned…if you would like to see all the criteria for award please see the ACRL site… and if you want to see how happy you will be when you win the award see our picture from 2005 at ACRL Award site…

PS: Most importantly, on the ACRL site for the 2005 Best Practices in Marketing Academic and Research Libraries @your library Award, you will find American University’s communication plan and our video that rocked Minneapolis and our entire package that we submitted. All of this content is licensed under Creative Commons, this means that anyone can use our materials as long as they give attribution to our team. This enables us to build on each others work, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel and it contributes to scholarly communication.