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Welcome to Marketing the Future, a blog to help navigate this complex sea of change when the world is so turned upside down that libraries have to factor marketing into their day-to-day operations.

Hopefully, we will be able to inspire you and help you to be a productive and articulate marketer.

That being said, maybe I should introduce who “we” are.

This is Mary and this is Jonathan and together we own the marketing consulting company

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Fearless Future.

We believe in education, libraries, and groups that work for the common good. Unfortunately, these groups tend not to have strategic planning that involves delivering a consistent visual identity that conveys their messages to the public.

This is where we come in… we can distill your messages without watering them down. We will create solutions that are sophisticated and effective while maintaining your high standards.

We believe that with a creative visual identity and a comprehensive marketing plan, you can articulate your messages to a wider audience.

With our help, you need not fear the future.