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Hamburger High Art

Help her! That burger is eating her head!

When great ads support “not so great for you” products

Have you seen this new Wendy’s baconater commercial?

This ad is a great example of a really funny use of innovative graphics to do what?
sell you a hamburger that is bigger than your head!
Now I am not adverse to a good hamburger every now and then, but I usually choose In-N-Out Burger who I believe do not even advertise anywhere, yet they are always packed.
But back to the baconater, these ads remind me of David Wojnarowicz, when he took all these pictures around New York City with a iconic mask of Arthur Rimbaud on, Rimbaud is the poet who inspired everyone from Surrealists to Patti Smith.

You know this ability to use such compelling graphics to sell stuff that makes us really fat is the reason why I am such an advocate of culture jamming being done by the people over at AdBusters. I am pretty sure that no one ever needs to eat in one sitting: Six strips of hickory smoked bacon piled high atop two 1/4 lb. patties of beef, complete with two slices of American cheese. EEEEEK!
As my good friend Gwendolyn always says “you have to use your powers for good, not evil.”
Someone who is using his power for good and not evil is Shaquille O’Neal, in his new ABC show called Shaq’s Big Challenge, he takes 6 children through a medical weight loss program and inadvertently deals with school lunch programs and physical education (or the lack thereof). Shaq is so empathic towards these kids, you can see even this mighty man being demoralized by the forces that weigh these children down (no pun intended)
We have a responsibility to create inspiring exciting design for good not evil.

Tell us some examples you have of great ads that are created for “not so great” products.


  1. Jonathan Silberman said on July 18, 2007:

    This doesn’t fall under “bad for you,” but arguably cell phone companies are bad all-around.

    But, I think this ad for sprint is awesome:

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