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Cards & Campaigns

Hey All! This is Malia, Fearless Future intern, contributing my first blog post! I just wanted to share some interesting artwork I came across.

While working at the UA library, a good citizen turned in a few lost items one of those being a library card from the Tempe Public Library here in Arizona. I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a cooler library card! I was intrigued and looked up Tempe Public Library under the assumption that they must have a really awesome marketing department. It turns out there are four specially designed cards by artists in Arizona that have references to the common theme of mass transit. Mary Lucking designed the one I came across, shown here.


Before looking up the design of this card, I had no idea what the image was about. A friend of mine guessed that the guy in the picture was simply taking the light rail. I thought it was a good guess, but it’s actually a scene from the artist’s favorite book called The Master and Margarita, when a cat tries to board a Moscow street car.

Also, here’s an interesting slideshow called Reading Tea Leaves and Campaign Logos I found while wandering around The New York Times website. It humorously analyzes various campaign logos for current presidential candidates. One of my favorites is shown here.



  1. Jonathan Silberman said on November 30, 2007:

    Hmmm, the Tempe Library Cards are awesome! At AU, we are getting ready to redesign the associate borrower’s library cards, what perfect timing!

    Great find Malia!

  2. Mary Evangeliste said on December 3, 2007:

    Thanks Malia
    I agree these library cards are so cool looking and what a wonderful way to involve and support the artist in one’s area.

    I got so caught up looking at Mary Lucking’s work that I spent an extra hour or so examining her work and some of the work she linked to..awesome Malia

    Malia is on her way to Prague at the end of this month so maybe she will bring Market the Future some ideas form that glorious city.

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